L&D Consulting

CONSULTING: Analysing the requirements for a
business, building a learning and development programme
to meet those needs, creating workshops and resources
to deliver the training effectively and ensure retention of
that knowledge - all form part of the service we are able
to provide.

SOFT SKILLS: Technical skills may get you an interview,
but soft skills will get you the job, AND help you keep it. 
Learn to present content effectively, to communicate
not irritate, negotiate delicate situations, and build
relationships rather than conflicts.


- Train the Trainer
- Conflict Resolution
- Personal Accountability
- Creative Thinking
- Teamwork and Collaboration
- Problem Solving

WARNING SIGNS that you should invest in Soft Skills training:

- If you’re really good at getting clients, but not so good at retaining them
- If you have lots of staff turnover and have to keep retraining people
- When you have lots of managers but no real leaders

COST: Soft Skills training is priced differently from Software training, industry-wide. 

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