At FLAT RATE TRAINING LTD, we believe that the only way to really get to know your colleagues is to suffer a little together.

No, we’re not talking about masoschism, nor are we talking about being an uber athlete; however, it’s only when the stuff hits the fan that we really communicate honestly.

Whether it’s through good or bad, if you really want to build a strong team, who won’t quit when things get tough, who can truly rely on each other, there is no better sport than Adventure Racing. We’re fanatics about the (multi)sport, and if you want to know more, have a look at the videos.

We don’t expect many people to jump in at the deep end. Races can be as short as a single hour, but generally feature the following:

- Trail Running or Mountain Biking or both

- Navigation by compass

They’ll also routinely feature Kayaking, although such a race would usually be a minimum of 3hrs long.

Other disciplines include canoeing, hiking, white water rafting, horse riding, canyoneering, coasteering, packrafting, open water swimming, caving, abseiling, rock climbing, zip lines, inline skating, shooting, and general problem solving. They can last as long as 10 days, if you're really keen. 

If you want to set your team a challenge, and an amazing experience that will set your team on fire, please CONTACT US about the options!